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Feng Shui House Directions | myfengshuionline.com

Feng Shui House Directions


… That Increase Your Good Fortune

Whether you are shopping for a new home or want to make the best of the house direction you already have, you want some answers about Feng Shui house directions. Yes, the house may look beautiful, but it could cause the occupants undue stress, struggle, and difficulties.

First, let’s look at the house. Then we’ve got to look at your Element to determine what Feng Shui house direction is right for you …

In classical Feng Shui, houses (structures or buildings) are categorized based on compass directions, and are one of these four types:

•     Houses that support PEOPLE

•     Houses that support MONEY

•     Houses that DO NOT support people or money

•     Houses of GOOD FORTUNE – that support both people and money

Seventy percent (70%) or more of the above types of properties can be remedied and enhanced to become houses “almost as good” as houses of … GOOD FORTUNE!  The remaining 30% can usually (but not always) be improved by 50% or better, which is actually a HUGE improvement, considering how difficult the “energy” of these homes are, on the health, happiness, relationships and/or finances of the occupants.

Houses signify and bring fame, fortune, wealth, peace, harmony, balance, family, depending on how it sits or face. The sitting direction is the back of the house, while the facing direction is the front of the house.

Take a look at this diagram to see what type of house you live in:

Is You House Living Up To Its Fullest Potential for You?

What house is really right for you? What can you do with your current house?

To find out what types of houses would support you and your goals and the houses that deplete and destroy your energy requires a Feng Shui consultation, as each property contains its own unique energy blueprint based on mathematical calculations.

Click here to find out more about our 1-on-1 consultations and what you can do to enhance or remedy your property so that it supports you and your family for Love, Health, Money and Good Fortune: MyFengShuionline.com Feng Shui Consultations.


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